Social Media and Video Marketing

Many businesses worry social media might be not a good advertising tool. However, social media offer so many targeting methods that it has become a good advertising platform for most businesses.
Social media can work better for some businesses than others. As a rule of thumb, test LinkedIn when marketing to businesses and Facebook when marketing to consumers, though many B2B businesses have been successful with Facebook advertising. Try Twitter Video Ads, Stumble Upon's Paid Discovery, Promoted Pins, +Post Ads for Google+ and more to reach your target audience.
With internet speeds getting better, videos are now becoming very popular on the internet. Almost every smart phone has a video camera that can be used to shoot videos. Another video based social network, Periscope, is becoming very popular. Almost anybody with a smart phone can broadcast his own channel on periscope.
Why are videos becoming very popular?
1. They are relatively easy to make. Anybody with a smart phone can shoot and edit a video.
2. It is a very personal medium. The broadcaster can build a more intimate and personal relationship with his audience.
3. Videos and pictures get far more shares on social media than written text.
4. More can be conveyed in lesser time with videos.
5. Product demos and website features can be shown rather than just verbally explained.

While we know that Google doesn't consider social media likes, shares and re-tweets as ranking factors, the indirect benefits of social media are clear. The more your content is shared, the more people there are who see it. The more people who see the content, the more links you will naturally attract. Having a large, targeted audience that's ready and waiting to see and share your content is invaluable; and if your competitors are focusing exclusively on SEO, this can give you a serious advantage.